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Twitter Reacts to… #TheBeastFromTheEast

If you’re in the UK you’re probably already aware that it’s pretty damn cold outside. Despite the current temperatures being a mild day in some parts of the world, as always the UK is in a state of panic as a large ‘Polar Vortex’ swirls over the country, dropping all of maybe 2 inches of snow *gasp*.

So while I sit at my desk nice and warm, there’s no better time to share with you our favourite #TheBeastFromTheEast tweets so far today.

First we start with Andrew who is seemingly as optimistic for real snow as we are and Stevie who most is also seemingly not fussed by the incoming snow storms.


However ITV can’t even deny that it is noticeably cold out there today.

Then of course we have the panic buyers, making sure they have all the essentials for a potential 6 hours snowed inside their homes.

And finally may we bow our heads and never forget this gift of a gif from the last cold snap.

UPDATES COMING (When the snow actually does start in a serious manner)

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