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Twitter Reacts to #BlackFriday

It’s that time of year again, people in their thousands rush to the stores to spend money that they would likely otherwise not be spending, all in the name of savings? Yeah, we haven’t quite worked that one out either yet. But Black Friday isn’t just about new TV’s and Christmas Presents, it also gives birth to some absolutely cracking tweets.

First we go live to WWE color commentator Corey Graves for this wonderful tribute to all of those in retail jobs around the globe, while taking a small pop at the kind of people we can expect to be rushing the stores at opening today.

Which leads us nicely to this hilarious tweet of a store preparing themselves for an impending surge of humanity, with seemingly two camera guys at the ready! Only to just find…well… one guy

I guess they were expecting something a little more like these…

We had some wonderful Giffage (Gif usage) from the guys behind the IT Marketing train, promoting the high levels of anxiety creation that both #BlackFriday and their movie tend to create…


Meanwhile the New York Public Library took the opportunity to air a sense of calm to the proceedings with this wonderfully thoughtful tweet.

And our favourite of the day so far (and not exclusively because we are mostly nerds here at Swift Social) we have NASA taking the opportunity to educate the world about blackholes on this #BlackFriday

Everyone enjoy your bargains and stay safe on this Black Friday!



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