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Introducing a new-look for ‘Find Content’

After a long period of testing and user feedback, we decided it was time to focus our attentions on the one area of Swift Social that we have always known wasn’t ‘quite right’. We hope that with our latest release you will see that the find content area of the app has become a much more fluid experience, allowing you to quickly source all your favorite content types, quickly and easily. We even have a few new shiny features to tell you about too.

‘Feeds’ is now ‘Websites & Blogs’

One piece of feedback that we were getting on a regular basis was the simple question ‘What is a feed?’. This is something that we have easily addressed by changing the name of feeds to reflect exactly what they are, content from your favourite websites & blogs.

Whether you use our curated categories or the powerful search function, you will be sure to find a huge range of blogs and websites to provide you with articles to share with your audience on social.

Video Search – Discover Videos and Youtube Channels

Our video search is now smarter and easier too. Use the powerful search bar to find videos on topics you love. Not only that you are now able to search for and favourite youtube channels to get daily updates of your favourite video sources right into your favourites section.

Latest News – Find trending news from around the globe

We have taken the article search and brought it to the forefront. Now you can see straight away, the top trending articles from around the globe. Still looking for a specific topic? No worries, just use the search bar as always and find endless articles for you to browse and share. We have made this view better too by including the source of the article in the content card to help you choose the right article for you.

Gifs & Images – Find the perfect accompaniment to your social posts

One of our users favourite features, we have expanded on the gif and image search by including infinite scrolling, so you can spend more time (not too much now!) scrolling through hilarious gifs.

🎉 New Features!! 🎉

Whilst we redesigned the find content area we knew that we had some ideas that could further improve the section. They were quick and simple additions so rather than make you wait, we decided to give them to you now!

Quotes – Sharable quotes to motivate, uplift and entertain.

Quotes are a huge part of social media, great pieces of content that are both shareable and allow you to send a message without having to write too much! (Bonus!) We have started you guys off with a series of categories that we think will provide more than enough quotes for you to get started.

Joe Sturgess

Joe heads up the marketing team at Swift Social. A passion for writing you'll see him a lot around here. He is the man in the office when it comes to all things Pro-Wrestling, Photography and Video Games, never to be seen without his Nintendo Switch.

Arni Lochner

Arni is the CEO and Creative Director at Swift Social. A huge Manchester United fan & self confessed TV and movie buff, his scary ability to name any Episode of Start Trek TNG from the opening few minutes is legendary... and cool?

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