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How to convert your Facebook profile to a Facebook Page

If you are running a small business chances are you may have made the common mistake of trying to use your Facebook profile as a business page. But UH OH! This means that you can’t use the powers of Swift Social to schedule updates! Facebook only allows posts to be scheduled to a page! But don’t fear, we are here to show you how to quickly convert your profile to a fully fledged business page with a host of new features specifically designed to help promote your brand or business.

What happens when I convert to a page?

Converting your profile to a Page creates a brand new Facebook Page based on your converted profile. This is something you can only do once.

When you convert your profile to a Page:

  • You’ll have both a profile and a Page after conversion.
  • Facebook will transfer your profile picture and cover photo to the Page, and the name on your profile will become the Page’s name. (All of which can be changed)
  • You can select from your friends, followers and pending friend requests and add them as your new Page’s followers
  • You can choose which photos and videos to copy over from your profile, but keep in mind that views and other metrics remain with your profile and can’t transfer to the Page.
  • If you’re converting a verified profile, please note that your verified badge will be removed from your profile, and you’ll need to re-submit your new Page for verification.
  • You can preview all changes before publishing your new Page.
  • When you’ve finished setting up your new Page, we’ll ask you to check your privacy settings on your profile to make sure you’re sharing what you want to share.

How to Convert your Profile

To convert your profile to a Facebook Page:

  1. Go to Create a Facebook Page Based on Your Profile.
  2. Click Get Started and follow the instructions.
  3. Your new Page will automatically publish once the conversion is finished. To change this setting, click to select Off next to Publish Page when done at the top.

And there you go! A brand new Facebook page based off of your old profile, you can now easily attach this to Swift Social and start scheduling those all important updates with your followers, fans, and customers.

Joe Sturgess

Joe heads up the marketing team at Swift Social. A passion for writing you'll see him a lot around here. He is the man in the office when it comes to all things Pro-Wrestling, Photography and Video Games, never to be seen without his Nintendo Switch.

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