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How to Build a Large Instagram Following

Instagram is a great platform for building and growing your brand. The only sure way to promote your brand on Instagram is by having a large following. Building a decent following on Instagram is easy as long as you learn the basic tricks.

Like you already know, Instagram is a photo and video-based platform. The concept sharing pictures and videos make it stand out from the other social media platforms. This means that to be successful on Instagram, you need to know that the users are interested in pictures and videos.

Steps to building a large Instagram following:

Your profile is everything

Instagram gives you an opportunity to describe yourself briefly. Grab the chance and interestingly sell yourself. Give your followers a short description of what you do. The idea is to make it brief and interesting.

Since Instagram is a social site, you can give them an idea of what you share on your page. Your profile should be interesting enough to make the users click that follows button. In case you have a website, you can link it to the profile for your followers to learn more about you.

Post quality pictures and videos

Good quality pictures and videos on Instagram are important. Instagram follows like good photos and videos, and this is what you should give them. The good news is that Instagram has great filters and photo editing features that you can use to bring out the best.


Take interesting pictures and videos and share them with your follows. This is a great way to start building conversations with your follows that will later repost the pictures and attract new followers.

Be consistent but do not spam

Consistency is very important on Instagram and even other social media platforms. You need to update your regularly follows with new pictures and videos. However, do not spam their timeline with your posts. The best idea is to make three posts per day. By doing this, your followers will always look forward to your next post, and you won’t spam their timeline.

Use hashtags

Every social media platform operates uniquely and the use of hashtags is common on Instagram. Instagram users love hashtags and you need to keep them updated with the trending hashtags. Using hashtags will get some new followers who are following your hashtag. Using hashtags is a great way to interact with your followers and also other Instagram followers.

Respond to comments

When you post pictures and videos, your followers will like and comment on your posts. Take time and respond to the comments. This is a good way to promote meaningful interactions. Instagram users like interactions and you need to interact with them in the comment sections.

Follow other accounts

You need to follow other Instagram accounts too so that you can get followers. Apart from following other accounts, you also need to comment on their posts. When you comment on other Instagram posts, people will get to know about you and follow your page too. However, remember to make relevant comments as opposed to spamming their posts.

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