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Facebook – The Do’s and Don’ts

Facebook is a great platform for communicating with your customers via your brand page, however the openness of the communication can often lead to some pretty bad PR if you’re not careful. To help you guys better understand your customers and how to talk to them on Facebook we have provided some simple tips to get your started:


Respond where possible:

In social media response times are critical with most social media users expecting quicker responses on social than in other channels such as email. However as any business with a strong social presence we understand that you will get a lot of correspondence from your Facebook fans that doesn’t always require a response. Our advice would be to monitor what your audience is asking for. Maybe you can use their input to help drive your creativity. Take requests and respond with new content or products.

Using the @Name:

If you want to directly refer to another facebook page or user you can do so by putting an @ in front of their name as you type it. This is a great way of tagging another page you have worked with, or thanking a venue or event that you have recently attended.

Pin important posts:

If your brand has any important updates; e.g. new products, announcements, or features in news articles; you are able to highlight them on your timeline by pinning them. This keeps the post at the top of your page, and may get these important updates further into your fans News Feeds.

Make use of Events:

One of the best features on Facebook is the ability to create events! Promote these on your page and build a buzz around your upcoming appearances.


This may seem an obvious one, but you’d be surprised by how little some people post on their Facebook pages. Whether it’s your latest products, industry news, a behind the scenes photo of the team, get it out there to your audience. The more engaging content you share the more your fans will grow.


Don’t spam:

A big no no on any social media channel, spamming just isn’t cool. This could include sending mass-event invites, messages and invitations to like your page from your personal accounts. Behave as you would want others to and share naturally and regularly to keep your fans coming back for more of your great content.

Don’t post too often:

With the notable exception of image albums, avoid posting too often multiple updates within a short time span. There is nothing worse than hitting your newsfeed and seeing post after post from the same source. Spread your posts out, share a mixture of content and you’ll be sure to keep the long term attention of your fans on Facebook.

Don’t feed the Trolls:

Unfortunately, where there are popular pages, there are trolls. If we can share one piece of advice it would be this… “Dont Feed the Trolls”.

If you experience a troll on your page, spamming your inbox, making inappropriate comments etc. Facebook has built in ways for you to deal with that behavior. You can block the user and report their behavior. Responding in kind, although sometimes satisfying will only result in a potential PR nightmare in the future and encouragement for the troll to continue their behavior.

So there you have it, some quick tips on how you can effectively make great choices and avoid common mistakes on Facebook. If you are looking to expand your social presence across multiple social networks, why not check out another of our articles, Twitter – The Do’s and Don’ts.

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