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Did Kylie Jenner Just Kill Snapchat?

It would appear as if the drama surrounding Snapchat’s re-design is set to continue. If the ailing app wasn’t already suffering enough the one and only Kylie Jenner may have delivered a death blow with one simple tweet.

What’s the worst that could happen though right? A few thousand of her followers also turn their attention away from the app in support? How about it potentially leading to a $1.3B dollar drop in stock price, yep that’s right…$1.3 BILLION dollars.

This doesn’t surprise some, with sources suggesting that Wall Street have been suggested to be over sensitive the the news around the backlash related to the apps redesign. This really does highlight just how much of an influence today’s celebrities have on not only the brand value of a product but the monetary value too.

So, now it’s back over to Snapchat. Will they recall the redesign or will they hold firm in their quest to bring new users into the app. Only time will tell.

Joe Sturgess

Joe heads up the marketing team at Swift Social. A passion for writing you'll see him a lot around here. He is the man in the office when it comes to all things Pro-Wrestling, Photography and Video Games, never to be seen without his Nintendo Switch.

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