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An introduction to posting on Instagram

Post photos or videos

When you are looking to post new content to your Instagram account it’s super simple. Just hit the “+” icon at the bottom of the screen. You will then be greeted by your library, the most recent photo’s in your phone’s library. You can select one of these or snap a new picture or video using the tabs ‘Photo’ or ‘Video’ respectively.

Select your media

Our posting tips:

  • To change your selected photo between square and it’s original aspect ratio just tap on the icon with two arrows in the bottom-left corner of your preview.
    Once you have done this you are then able to manipulate what is shown by pinching and moving the image within the frame.
  • Try selecting more than one image to post a gallery. You can do this by tapping the icon in the bottom right of your preview with the two overlapping squares. This will then allow you select up to 10 images to post together.
  • When opting to record a video, you simply have to press and hold the record button. You can release the button and press it again to add a second clip if you have enough time left.

Edit your media

Now that you have selected the image you want to post, you can start editing it by adding one of the preset filters, changing it\’s orientation, brightness and much more. Once you are happy with the result, hit next to fill in the post details.

  • Write a caption: Your caption is going to appear just underneath your post when it’s published. You can use this space to mention another Instagram account and add hashtags. If you do opt to mention someone, they will get notified when you publish your post, and the hashtags will help you increase your organic reach to anyone searching for that hashtag.
  • Tag People: Tagging is a great way to mention people who are in your photos or galleries, they too will get notified when you publish your post.
  • Add Location: If you want to, why not add the location of your post? This will show up in that location and allow users who also visit there to explore your images.
  • Social shares: Once you have other social networks attached to your Instagram account you can enable sharing of your post on other networks too, which will further increase your reach.

Once you feel your post is ready, just hit “Share” and the app will go ahead and publish your post, appearing on the feed of everyone who follows you.

Joe Sturgess

Joe heads up the marketing team at Swift Social. A passion for writing you'll see him a lot around here. He is the man in the office when it comes to all things Pro-Wrestling, Photography and Video Games, never to be seen without his Nintendo Switch.

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