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7 Ways You Can Increase Your Organic Reach On Facebook

Wondering why your company’s posts on Facebook are so difficult to be found? Well, it is a direct result of Facebook’s changes in algorithm in 2017. Consequently, all your attempts in social media marketing through Facebook might not give you desired results. Only those followers who have been sharing or reacting to your organic posts will be able to see your company’s posts on Facebook. Now, that will surely make you wonder how can I make more people find my page? Don’t worry! We have put together some really helpful ways to help you with this crisis situation.

How To Increase Organic Reach On Facebook:

The following approaches will effectively help you reach out to more Facebook users organically. They will answer your question on how to make more people to see my posts.

1. Inspire Post Sharing Among Employees 🙋🙋‍♂️

Another thing that Facebook favors is a user’s friends, family as well as “core value” contents in the News Feed. A user-generated post is likely to get 7 times as much engagement compared to any typical brand post. Now, you can use this information to inspire sharing your company’s posts among your employees. And, why just Facebook, encourage them to share posts on other social networks as well!

2. Give Video Livestreaming A Try 🤳

One of the recent changes in Facebook is the inclusion of videos in the News Feeds. So, if any Facebook user watches majority of or all videos of a particular profile, they News Feed will feature similar videos in future. Additionally, the videos will play with the default sound “on” instead of “off” (unless the user’s device is on silent mode). This is an opportunity you need to capitalize on; try to use the Facebook Live option to engage in Q&A sessions or post videos on interviews rather than writing blogs.

3. Stop Filling Your Website With Ads 🛑

Facebook no longer entertains websites that contain more ads (shocking, malicious or disruptive) and less content. Therefore, if you want to find favor with Facebook algorithm, start changing the look of your company website.

4. Don’t Just Opt For Going Live 🤳

While going “Live” is an option that can increase your organic reach on Facebook; you need to be careful about what you are going to show on the “live” video. You cannot simply include “live” poll or looping animation to engage the users as that Facebook will not reward you for doing so. Facebook is always making sure that no tricks or undue advantage gets the better of them.

5. Why Aim Only For “Likes”? 😂

Yes, think about getting reactions from users that are not “likes”. The fact that users are engaging with what you post is evident even from their “angry” responses. You can also wrack your brain to come up with humorous posts that will generate “ha ha” response from users. Give some thought to what you are about to post, and you will end up getting more people to see your posts (don’t cross the line though).

6. Make Your Followers A Part Of Your Ad Campaign 👨👱‍♀️

While you may want to believe that Facebook is trying to encourage boosted posts/ ads, it is best to take the changes positively rather than negatively. So, in case you are spending on advertising, consider including your followers in all your relevant advertising campaigns. If your followers (existing) engage sufficiently with boosted content you post then Facebook might allow them to view organic posts from you as well.

7. Earn Your Way Through 💪

When your company is on Facebook, there are two things that matter most- being engaging and being relevant. You don’t have to flood the social media network with your posts; instead make sure that your posts have some quality in them. You don’t want users to either ignore or hide your posts- both will damage your reputation. So, instead of asking for shares or likes, make sure you rightfully earn them!

Hopefully, these approaches will help you increase organic reach on Facebook. But always be prepared for changes, as Facebook will not stick with this algorithm for long!

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