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5 Tips to Avoid a Social Media Nightmare

For those who have used social media platforms for a while, they know how easy a mistake can affect a brand. It could be a typo, a badly-timed or worded tweet, or a personal scandal. When such a crisis happens, you should be able to know how to handle it. Having a clear strategy of preventing such a crisis can help you get back on track, and reduce its impact on your brand. Here are several useful tips to help you along.

Always Be Prepared

The reality is that mistakes happen, and sometimes they are unavoidable. For most people, the first instinct is to go into panic mode when they get negative coverage on social media platforms. While some big companies have a team that is solely dedicated to managing a crisis, some individuals do not have this luxury. However, you can still manage a social media crisis by keeping some of the people you work with close. Creating a template press statement will also help you react better when such a crisis happens.

Make Use of Your Brand Advocates

One of the ways of reducing the impact of a social media mistake is by using your brand advocates. Most business owners do not know how to turn their social media following into a loyal community of brand advocates. However challenging it is, if you get just a few of them, you can use them to your brand’s advantage. A brand advocate can defend you and your brand from negative coverage, and help you restore your image.

Put Monitoring Mechanisms in Place

Some of the best social media managers have found that having a media intelligence platform is crucial in helping any business owner to appreciate the bigger picture. If you make it a habit of monitoring your social media platforms, for example, any mentions that may raise suspicion, you may be better placed to deal with a crisis before it even occurs.

Create A Guide Book For Your Social Media Platforms

Every brand owner should consider coming up with guidelines to help them run their social media platforms efficiently. The internal guidelines should cover things such as the importance of good grammar and spelling, tone, choice of words, and even proofreading. If you work with a team, ensure that you circulate the guide book so that they are all aware of what is required of them in their social media interaction.

Put Security Measures in Place

One of the most ignored issues when dealing with social media platforms is security. Where you work with a team of people, it would be best to limit the number of people who have your password. It is also important to work with people that you trust. With the increase in the number of hacking cases, it is also crucial that you create strong passwords for your social media accounts.

Preventing and managing a social media crisis is as easy as using these five tips. If you can prevent a social media mistake, the better. However, having a crisis management strategy in place will save you a lot of stress.

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