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5 Tips That Will Help Boost Your Instagram Engagement

One of the most popular social media platforms of our time is Instagram. Most users prefer it to other social media sites because it is more visual, and allows you to upload, tweak and share photos with friends and family. However, apart from those who use Instagram for their social connections, there is an increase in the number of users who use it for business purposes.

Instagram is quickly becoming a business marketing platform, but for most business owners, it takes time and a lot of effort to start seeing the results. One of the ways to ensure that Instagram works for your business is by creating an engaged following. Here are some useful tips on how to increase your Instagram engagement to boost your business.

1. Consider Converting to a Business Page 🏢

What most business owners do not know is that Instagram has various business page versions which they can take advantage of. Once you have a business page, you can also benefit from the cal-to-action feature that comes with it. For a business owner, the call-to-action button is important as it helps you drive traffic to your website and other social media sites like Facebook.

2. Use Your Hashtags Strategically 🧠

Instagram has become strict with the use of spammy hashtags. The reality, however, is that with your hashtags you can easily build your engagement. Instead of using those that might end up being categorized as spam, clever use of hashtags can help you get to the “Top Posts” and drive more traffic to your posts.

3. Connect With Other Influencers 🤝

Another effective way of ensuring that your Instagram engagement grows is by connecting with other users within your niche. You can easily find users who have a larger following, and reach out to them for a shout-out. While not everyone will take you up on your offer, a few will.

4. Make More Use of Instagram Stories 🤳

Some Instagram users find it easier to draw more engagement on their posts by accompanying them with Instagram stories. While there is no specific correlation between stories and engagement, this could be an easier way of keeping your target audience entertained and talking about your content. Instagram stories also give you the chance to refer your audience to content on your Instagram posts, or other social media sites.

5. Host a Giveaway or Contest 🎁

Just like with other marketing methods, enticing your target audience may be one of the best ways of creating more engagement on Instagram. Some users have found it easier to do so by hosting regular contests, where winners get a prize. Hosting regular giveaways can attract new followers, who may also share news about the giveaway on their social media sites.

Finding genuine followers is more important than buying fake followers who may end up ruining your business instead of promoting it. Marketing on Instagram may be a bit harder than on other social media sites. However, with these five useful tips, you can grow your Instagram engagement and stay relevant in that space.

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