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📸 5 Instagram Accounts Every Photographer Should be Following

Here at Swift Social we know that our users can be found in every walk of life. To date we have spoken with Marketers, Musicians, Photographers, Artists, Business owners and so many more.

That is why we want to put a little bit of 💗 out there for you guys and curate some amazing social accounts for you to follow. This week we are looking at Instagram and some amazing accounts that every Photographer should be following. So let’s begin!

David Guttenfelder – @dGuttenfelder

David Guttenfelder is a Nat Geo photographer, however you won’t see many of his Instgram shots on Nat Geo, because everything he shoots on Instagram is through the lens of his mobile phone, as traditionalists of Instagram would prefer. His vouyeristic style provides a glimpse into the sometimes ugly reality of the world we live in, and despite this is account can be a source of great beauty.

Havana, Cuba. May 11, 2017

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Dominoes and pistol tattoos. Havana , Cuba.

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500px – @500px

One of the biggest sharing platforms for photographers, 500px has it’s fair share of gems to pick from when curating it’s Instagram account. Scrolling through their feed is a thing to behold as it slowly transitions through images highlighted with similar hues and tones.

"Novice at temple" by @visoot20 Profile: 500px.com/visoot #500px #temple #thailand

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Sharing their users images with Credit helps the 500px community grow stronger and stronger.

National Geographic – @NatGeo

National Geographic is famous for it’s rich history of incredible photographers. These masters travel the globe to capture the everyday lives of people all over the planet, providing an insight we otherwise wouldn’t have.

Photo by @marcusbleasdale For today’s @unitednations Day Against the Use of Child Soldiers, I wanted to share this picture from one of my trips to the DRC back in 2008. A child soldier with a community-based militia group was waiting in Kanyabyonga, in eastern DRC, as rebels advanced. He was recruited while young men in the area were being abducted by rebel forces. He didn’t want to be forced to fight, so he volunteered with the militia. Since then, a lot has been done to try to stop the practice of using child soldiers, including the #internationalcriminalcourt’s landmark verdict in the Lubanga case. #child-soldiers #childrennotsoldiers #justicematters #childrensrights #savethechildren #childrenandarmedconflict #morejustworld

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Daily Overview – @DailyOverview

One of the more unique approaches to Instagram. to say Daily Overview has a theme and they stick to it would still be an understatement. The idea is simple, the execution not so much. Every day they post an incredible overview perspective of locations around our planet from the sky above. Often surreal, but always breathtaking. This is an office fave 💗

Lightroom – @Lightroom

Adobe know a thing or two about photography, they have a pretty impressive Instagram at @adobe, however it’s their Lightroom that really appealed to us. A monthly hashtag provides the theme, encouraging their users to submit entries tagged with the monthly hashtag, the winners shared on the account. The results are often breathtaking.

So there you have it! 5 Accounts every Photographer should have populating their feed on a daily basis. Take inspiration, delight and enjoyment from some of the worlds most incredible photographs get out there with your camera and grow your own portfolio.

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