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10 Things to Tweet When You’re Out of Ideas

Regular tweeting is the best way to update your followers with essential information about your business, and show your brand’s personality. However, sometimes you may run out of ideas of things to share with your followers. If you find yourself in this state of ‘tweeters block’, the following ideas might just help inspire your next great Tweet.

1. Ask a question

Asking questions is an excellent way of engaging your followers, and can actually provide amazing insight into your followers and how they feel about your brand or business. You can try asking a question on a trending topic, or something directly brand related that could be a bone of contention for some of your followers.

2. Tweet an old blog post

Do you have some great posts that maybe didnt get the kind of love they deserve when you first published them? Maybe you have updated an old post with some new information and you want your followers to read it and give their opinion? If so, tweet that post again prepended with ‘Update’ or ‘Updated’. Of course do this alongside sharing any new posts you may have and get your blog community growing. Tweeting your blog post is a great way to showcase your knowledge and expertise. In return, your followers could start to see you as a thought leader in your industry. Win win.

3. Update your users on company news

When you run out of  ideas, take that as an opportunity to think about if anything new in your company is worth sharing? Maybe you have a new head of marketing or a new employee you want to introduce to your followers, or maybe you want to market a new or upcoming product? If writing about a product that you are looking to sell, try to avoid the hard sell on social media. Straight pitches for new customers often comes off as desperate and don’t tend to help in creating strong relationships.

4. Promote a freebie

Are you offering an awesome freebie that your followers can sign up for? If so, tell them about it! Write a short description of the freebie, and end with a call to action that will direct the followers to your site. Freebies can be anything from an e-book or whitepaper to a free trial on a new product.

5. Tweet industry news

In today’s world, most if not all news appears on Twitter and other social platforms before they appear on newspapers or broadcasted on some televisions. Use the platform  to keep your followers updated on some industry news that they will find useful. This will again cement you as an industry thought leader with your followers.

6. Respond to somebody’s tweet

Responding to someone else’s tweet is the best way to show your followers that you not only read their Twitter posts, but you are also interested in their opinions. Always respond to those shared by influencers, or a satisfied customer. Such replies will strengthen your relationship with that follower as well as those who follow them.

7. Tweet an inspiring quote

People love an inspiring or motivational quote, think about world events or the day of the week and drop an inspiring quote to your users. These can be a simple text tweet or maybe take some time to make an image post using a service such as canva, alternatively you can share an existing image quote quickly and easily from within Swift Social. An inspirational quote can encourage, give insights of wise people, or just trigger something within the mind of your followers.

8. Retweet your followers’ tweets

Retweeting your follower’s tweets is another excellent way to keep your Twitter account active whenever you run out of ideas. However, you should pick an exciting tweet with relevant stuff that can keep your twitter feed interesting and relevent. Alternatively, you can make the retweet relevant by adding your own comment.

9. Share a captivating photo

Social media experts say that a good picture is a lot more worthy than the characters that make up a tweet. So use one to keep your followers engaged. The photo doesn’t have to be a product, but could be a glimpse inside your offices, a picture of your staff members or an inspiring quote as mentioned previously.

10. Run a poll

If you’ve got an engaged audience on twitter then polls are a super useful way to gain relevent insights from your customers/potential customers. A Twitter poll can help you solicit relevant opinions to improve your brand, spark a conversation between your customers, as well as obtain product feedback.

So the next time you are stuck for ideas when doing your weekly schedule, try some of the above.

Joe Sturgess

Joe heads up the marketing team at Swift Social. A passion for writing you'll see him a lot around here. He is the man in the office when it comes to all things Pro-Wrestling, Photography and Video Games, never to be seen without his Nintendo Switch.

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